Ossa Media provides a diverse range of innovative services including; creative advertising solutions, 
media strategy, sponsorship, digital and media sales.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation"

George Bernard Shaw

Client Support

Working with leading destinations, experiences and brands across UK & Ireland. OM delivers innovative solutions across a diverse range of clients.


Our latest project! Delivering access to over 12,000 people daily across Northern Ireland using our network of market-leading 4K 75ins portrait screens


OM's dedicated sales and development team has extensive experience in innovative media and promotional sales across leading UK airports

Work With Us! 

We are actively recruiting across Ireland. Please give us a call to arrange an informal chat and discuss opportunities.

Our Work

In these challenging times Ossa Media's team is available to work directly with to formulate innovative and cost-effective solutions across media, digital and PR to support your business objectives.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and contacts across UK & Ireland, we would be delighted to provide support to any business within the tourism sector who is adversely affected by the current situation.